Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

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Public Sector

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Public Sector

Grip op Loslaten - Sittard

Public Sector

Participatory Action Research for the Public Sector: Why work together with 7Senses?

There are many different reasons to work together with 7Senses to conduct Participatory Action Research for the Public Sector.

Breakthrough in co-creation

Participatory Action Research for the Public SectorThe 7Senses approach– regardless of where it is implemented–   creates breakthrough, because people start a dialogue. This creates mutual understanding and clears the way for new ideas, built on the existing ideas. Polarisation makes way for co-creation. New ideas are formed, that are better suited to different stakes. Because everyone feels involved, feels a co-owner, a collective will to succeed develops.




New tools that suit the zeitgeist

More and more people are fed up with top-down solutions, thought of in backrooms by so-called experts. People gather together and are willing to come up with real solutions. 7Senses offers exactly the right tools and helps create solutions that will have a broad base in society at a, usually, stunning low cost.

Knowledge within the council

Just as important as the results of a project are to 7Senses, also the transfer of knowledge during the project, to workers of the council, plays a big role. Wherever possible 7Senses stimulates employees to participate actively in a project. 7Senses provides the necessary training and mentoring for the project and so in due course the council will have in-house expertise and will not have to rely on outside experts. Employees love the opportunity to talk to citizens on a different level and to see firsthand what powers lay hidden in the community.

Social Enterprise

7Senses is a so-called Social Enterprise. This does not mean that 7Senses does not pursue profit at all; moreover, a limited profit ensures continuity. It does mean that 7Senses’ primary focus is the broad adaptation of Participatory Action Research in various domains, including the Public Domain. Because it is 7Senses’ vision to contribute to a better, more inclusive society, in which every person can shine, through creating impactful co-creation.