Participatory Action Research for Positive Change


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Companies and NGOs

We see companies becoming more and more interested in tackling societal challenges as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Integrating business successes with achieving positive societal change becomes more and more the norm in today’s society. However, we also often see companies wondering how they can make a transition towards CSR. Also NGOs are looking for ways to co-create sustainable solutions with their target groups. 7Senses offers several opportunities for companies and NGOs.


7Senses Challenge partnership

The 7Senses Challenge is a 12-week programme for students, post-graduates and professionals who aim to experience Participatory Action Research in the field while at the same time working on their own personal and professional development. Offering your employees the opportunity to join a 7Senses Challenge, is a great step towards integrating the social component to your company or for example as part of for example your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. At the same time, offering your employees this chance will be beneficial to your company as they bring in new insights from their work in the field, in three ways. First, they will bring in knowledge on the subject of the Challenge. Second, they have new experience in working under challenging circumstances in an international, intercultural and multi-disciplinary team. Third, once your employees have experienced a full PAR-process in the field, they can apply the approach to many other challenges, either within or outside your company or NGO.


Public talks & lectures

7Senses gives inspirational public talks and lectures about Participatory Action Research, using many examples from their PAR-projects the field. Talks & lectures are mostly interactive and are often combined with workshops and interviewtraining.


PAR trainings & workshops

corporate social responsibilityIn order for you and your employees to become acquainted with Participatory Action Research, we offer trainings and workshops in Participatory Action Research. Depending on the available time, we offer tailor-made sessions ranging from training basic PAR skills to deepening methodology trainings. Often, we find organisations and companies who already have a project in mind and are curious to see how Participatory Action Research could be used in order to make the project run successfully. In a PAR-design workshop, we can guide you into co-designing together with your employees a customised PAR-design for your project.


PAR- Guidance

Once you have decided to run your project using PAR, we offer PAR-guidance sessions in an intensity you can decide upon. Guidance sessions can take place face to face or via Skype.


Interview training

PAR-projects always consist of semi- or unstructured interviews. Through this ‘loose’ interview structure and improvisation of the interviewer during the interview, respondents get full opportunity to talk about what they feel is important to them. This is how we can unravel, together with the respondent, cause-effect relations and respondents’ deeper underlying values. These are crucial in Participatory Action Research, but also other types of qualitative research. 7Senses has over a decade of experience in this type of interviewing. Our trainers always work with training actors to facilitate role playing, thereby practicing cases which come as close to reality as possible. Training actors can sense verbal and non-verbal communication better than any other and can provide valuable feedback on this. Employees who join the 7Senses Challenge get this training as part of their Challenge training, but interview training can also be given separately or as part of PAR-guidance for your own project.