Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Rianne Hoopman

Rianne Hoopman is trainee at 7Senses. She finished the Training Track of the 7Senses PAR Practitioners Program with success and is now conducting her first action research for her 7Senses internship in Wageningen. She has a passion for research methodology. For the last years, she has been focussing on quantitative research and doing mainly statistics and epidemiology, but gained more and more interest in participatory methods.


“Since my experience in Mozambique with Participatory Action Research and Participatory Theatre I am is longing to get back to such an overwhelming experience. I was impressed by the empowerment, enthusiasm and involvement of the whole community. I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the PAR Practitioners Program at 7Senses!

For the coming three months I will be working at Wageningen University at the the Department Health and Society. I will join a running program that will be focussing on the question ‘How can the dietary intake of pregnant women with a low social economic status be improved’. In the coming months, several focus group sessions will be held with midwives, nutritionists and pregnant women. I am curious for the upcoming solutions!”


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