Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Frequently asked questions about the PAR Practitioners Program

Please check whether you can find the answer to your question(s). Do you have a different kind of question or is your question not answered? Please contact us at or 0639895095.


When is my seat at the 7Senses Academy assured?

After your subscription via email, you will receive a confirmation email and the invoice attached. Once you have fulfilled your invoice, your seat at the 7Senses Academy is assured and you can safely await the start of the PAR Practitioners Program!


Can I pay in installments?

Yes, payment in installments is possible without any additional costs. Your last payment needs to be fulfilled before July 13th (Training Track) or before the start of your internship (Training & Internship Track). So, if full payment prior to the start of the PPP is not possible for you, you can let us know in an email what installment payment would be possible for you.


In what language do we receive the trainings?

All trainings will be given in Dutch, unless non-Dutch speakers join the trainings. If so, non-Dutch speakers will receive an English equivalent of the book ‘Participatief Actieonderzoek. Samen bouwen aan een betere wereld’.


How many hours does the PPP take per week?

During the Training Track (when joining the Training & Internship Track), you will have -per week- an estimated:

  • 9 contact hours training,
  • 9 hours of making assignments,
  • 4 hours of reading
  • 2 hours of organizing and preparing your internship

During your internship (for those who join the Training & Internship Track) you will be spending at least 3 days per week conducting your Participatory Action Research, excluding writing your report.


I want to do my internship in a country other than the Netherlands. Is that possible and what do I need to do?

It is possible to conduct your internship in a foreign country. Of course, this requires quite some arranging. It is advisable to do your PAR in a country where you are familiar and where you know the people of the local community where you want to conduct your PAR. Also, you need to make sure that the community where you want to conduct your PAR has addressed the issue -i.e. the subject of your PAR- or confirmed it as a problem they wish to tackle. You will arrange your ticket, stay and other practical matters yourself; wherever we can we will think along with you and advise you.


What happens if the trainer is not available?

All trainings will be given by 7Senses owner Madelon Eelderink. If she is unable to give a training, she will make sure her 7Senses colleague (certified in giving 7Senses PAR trainings) will take over the training.


Do I need an internship organisation (TIT)?

Many of our students have an organisation for which they execute their PAR. This is however not a prerequisite. If you find an opportunity for a PAR unattached to an organisation, we will together explore how to conduct the PAR independently.


When will I receive the studyguide?

The studyguide will be sent you in Pdf once your payment is fulfilled (or in case of installments, your first installment is paid).


When will I receive the required literature?

You will receive the following book upon the first day of training (June 15th 2020):

Eelderink, M. (2020). Participatief Actieonderzoek. Samen bouwen aan een betere wereld.


I only join the Training Track. Do I have to make the assignments as well?

In order to receive your certificate of participation, you need to have to have shown at least 80% active presence during trainings. The assignments are for this certificate not obligatory, but you are free to make them, provide feedback to your peers and get their feedback on your assignments too!


What do the assignments look like and how much time will it take to make them?

During the PPP, you will make four assignments. There is also one bonus assignment. Each assignment contributes to gaining the required PAR competences you need during your internship. Therefore, it is important you carry out all the assignments. Our studyguide tells you which assignment needs to be finished when. Each assignment is built up in a general introduction of the assignment, a step by step guide that tells you ‘what to do’, the product of the assignment, the roughly estimated study load of the assignment, a checklist and some tips, and not to forget, a quote to inspire you! Please check the assignments on a regular basis and see how they can fit in with your agenda, to save you from stressful workload and tough deadlines. The total estimated time of the required assignments is 45 hours.


What are the requirements for graduation for the Training & Internship Track?

In order to graduate for the Training & Internship Track, you will have to fulfill a couple of requirements and have shown that you have the required PAR skills as described in our PPP Competence Form 2020.


Hope to see you soon at the 7Senses Academy!