Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

PAR project SDO/Blij werkt – a prospering korfball club

What could possibly be nicer than conducting action research in your own backyard? Well hardly anything …. That’s why, for my internship, I started the PAR project ‘SDO/Blij Werkt, a prospering korfball club’.

The club has suffered a loss of members, including many youth members, over recent years. So this action research is all about how to turn this tide and how to create a prospering future for the club. Attracting new members is important for sure, but other themes could well be important too … for example the efficient organization of the work in the club, and committing players and parents to the many tasks at hand. Currently I am looking forward to the second focusgroup, in which I will present the first results and in which first steps towards action may be taken. And who knows … an exposition of dreams might be part of this focusgroup. I have sent a ‘book of korfballdreams’ into the community and hope that enough people will share their dreams and thus fill this book. If they do so, this exposition of dreams is on the cards!

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