Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Minke Dijkstra

Minke Dijkstra is 7Senses certified Participatory Action Researcher and PAR-trainer at 7Senses. She finished the Training Track of the 7Senses PAR Practitioners Program in 2019. Minke has conducted her first action research in Tilburg, together with co-researcher Mischa. Their action research focuses on sex work and stigma in  the municipality of Tilburg. Minke had a background in Cultural Anthropology and Criminology. She has worked with sex workers for more than ten years. Now she is involved in a Participatory Action Research on healthy nutrition of babies in underprivileged families in Amsterdam.

“I believe Participative Action Research is a great tool to bring people together, create more understanding and explore and facilitate opportunities for positive change in a community.”


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