Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Julia Ertl

Julia ErtlJulia Ertl is a certified Participatory Action Researcher at 7Senses. She successfully followed the Training Track of the 7Senses PAR Practitioners Program and as a trainee, conducted the action research ‘the socially inclusive community center’ in Lesvos, Greece. The goal of this action research was to increase the community feeling of the refugees visiting and volunteering in the community center ‘One Happy Family’.

Julia has an interdisciplinary background in most importantly, social and health psychology, as well as anthropology, sociology and development studies. She  is combining her academic background and personal interest for people with her strong feeling for social justice, by continuously looking for ways to improve our society. She is passionate about behavioral insights and systemic change, and now PAR has won her heart. Julia:

“I am driven by the goal of improving the health and well-being of our earth and the people inhabiting it. PAR, as I recently discovered, allows me to come closer to that vision as it is a very effective tool to stimulate local co-created initiatives. I strongly believe in its sustainable solutions and impact. And I am excited to finally apply and experience it first hand!”


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