Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

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The Education & Talent Challenge

Education in developing countries is the most empowering way for people to find a way out of poverty. Bena Kyengo, founder of MTD, is proof of this. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in sustainable business in the Netherlands. She and many of her peers were given the chance to help themselves through education. A request has come from MTD to facilitate PAR (action research) together with the community, to find out how to ensure continuity in education and talent development. That’s how we developed this Challenge.

Challenge details

The 7Senses Challenge is an intensive 12-week program for students, post-graduates and professionals. In a multi-disciplinary, international team they perform Participatory Action Research in the field to boost community empowerment while at the same time work on their own personal and professional development.

Challenge name  Education & Talent Challenge
Start date February 22nd 1016
Duration 12 weeks
Status Finished
Country Kenya
Coordinator Anne Braakman
Number of participants 3
Number of local researchers 2

Each Challenge design starts from a community issue, addressed by its problem owners at location. As such, we make sure the Challenge is based on local demand rather than donor demand. Together with these local stakeholders, we design the Challenge in a way that fits the local context, from the problem framing up to methodology and concept definitions.

Problem Definition
Main Research Question

Each Challenge delivers direct outcomes for the local community on the addressed issue: we can share how many people have been reached, what their perspective is on the current and desired situation and what final Community Action Plan (CAP) they have co-created and implemented. In a later stage, local stakeholders will evaluate the impact of the CAP.

The impact of this Challenge has not been measured yet. As soon as we have results of the impact measurement, it will be presented here.



Anne Braakman

Coordinator & Action Researcher
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Guyonne van Heijningen

Action Researcher
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Sylvia van Lingen

Action Researcher
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Anouk Menko

Action Researcher
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Evans Huria Maina

Action Researcher
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George N'dungu Kinuthia

Action Researcher
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Sustainable Development Goals

Challenge Reports

Each Challenge delivers one or more reports. Read here all detailed information on the PAR methodology and outcomes of this Challenge.