Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

The 7Senses Action Research Academy

7Senses Action Research Academy

The 7Senses Action Research Academy offers several Participatory Action Research courses for anyone interested in applying Participatory Action Research (PAR) in their field of expertise or company. Currently, we offer two PAR programs.

7Senses Challenge Coordinator Program

The 7Senses Challenge Coordinator Program is a 9-month course in which you will be trained to become the Coordinator of an action research abroad. You will lead a multi-disciplinary, international team in performing an action research you designed, based on a community issue you identified in the field.

PAR Practitioners Program

The PAR Practitioners Program, in short PPP, consists of a 5-week training program and a 12 week internship. Our next PPP edition starts December 3rd 2018. With a certificate in your pocket, you are a 7Senses certified independent Participatory Action Researcher and you can join paid 7Senses projects!