Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Rabecca Nambeye

Rabecca NambeyeBackground:

I am Rabecca, like I have mentioned earlier I am an African, basically a Zambian, and specifically a Mfuwe resident. I did my junior and senior secondary school in Lusaka and obtained certificates in both. I love singing allot and enjoy doing researches on different things which I am curious about. I also like new experiences. I am interested in journalism and hospitality such that by 2019 I might be starting travel and hotel management. I am a social and jovial person who really loves nature allot!

The Sustainable Tourism Challenge:

I am being driven to take part in the Sustainable Tourism Challenge because I am motivated by the passion I have for nature and the humor I see in the STC team. This project is really good because it gives the community a voice to speak out about the negative parts of tourism and find or suggest solutions to such problems which have been neglected for many years.

Future plans:

My plans after this STC period I will try by all means to influence the community about the established solutions. By making sure I make follow ups with the community leaders just to insure that the solutions are being put into practice and action! And with this knowledge I will educate more people about Sustainable Tourism Research and make use of it in my area of profession. I would really like to use skills like sketches and groupwork, because I believe seeing is believing and for easy understanding to all the age groups in the community.