Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Mitchel Beijer

Mitchel BeijerHi, my name is Mitchel, I’m 24 years old and I come from Holland. I have been to Zambia in 2013, where I have been volunteering in Livingstone for 6 months and worked on many projects. I worked in the community for those 6 months and I noticed that, even though Livingstone is the biggest touristic destination of Zambia, just a few people where profiting from the tourism. Most of the revenues went to foreign investors, while working people just got minimum wages.


Some tourists acted like they owned the place though, walking through shops, markets and even houses with little regard of the local people. Asked why they did this they said, we are paying them for this. There was little understanding that the people they showed no respect for where some of the nicest people in the world.

At that moment I decided for myself I would return to Zambia one day to find out how this could be altered. For a long time I didn’t know how to do this, but when I heard of this project I was filled with relief. I could return with a good solid plan.

For myself I hope to get a better understanding of intercultural communication and projects. How you can improve those and make them sustainable. Other than that I would like to improve my researching skills and to improve my ability to connect to people from other cultures.