Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Frank Bleys

Frank BleysI Cannot change the world on my own, but together we can! Frank Bleys uses his experience to help 7Senses in strategic and online marketing activities and in web design.  Those activities should result in more awareness in Participatory Action Research and facilitating more projects in development countries where local communities solve social issues.

Frank worked for many years in Commercial Banking as a Product Manager and Business Process Manager. After quitting his job he started traveling in Latin America for more than 6 months. There he embraced the unknown, explored new things and came in contact with other cultures. That journey gave him a new and different view of life. He increasingly sees the relevance of making a social contribution through development cooperation and focusing on sustainability.

Frank is a freelancer now and helps Small & Medium enterprises and entrepreneurs how they can grow their business. From a marketing strategy to the final creation. His future plans are to facilitate a Participatory Action Research Project as well and to help and coach local companies in Latin America.