Participatory Action Research for Positive Change

Elisha Malasha

Elisha Malasha

I am Elisha Malasha. I was born on the 12th of February 2000, I turned 18 this year. I am third in a family of four. I am originally from the north-western part of Zambia, but I spend most of my life in Mfuwe Eastern province, the research area, I grew up around here. I did my primary school from 2006 to 2011 at Matula Primary school. I also did my secondary school at Mwinilunga boarding secondary school in northwestern province from 2012 till 2016. After my secondary school I started advanced levels in natural sciences (math, chemistry, physics and biology) at David Kaunda National Technical secondary school in Lusaka.

At my spare time, I spend most of my time reading newspapers and playing chest next to helping out my parents with household chores.

The Sustainable Tourism Challenge:

The STC research programme motivates me to know more about how people live in other areas in Mfuwe area and how tourism has affected their living standards either positive and negative. This programme enables me to know more about these other places that I didn’t know. I will also be getting to know many new people and making new friends.

I like the STC programme in that it will enable me to acquire skills that are of help to me; such as communication and research methods to employ and because it is here for the people and communities living in this area.

Future plans:

I obtained good results at secondary school, so I intend to study a bachelor of sciences in medicine and surgery starting august/September this year for about 7 years. I also intend to research further on topics of interest in the future.

I also plan to have an orphanage of my own in the future in order to help the vulnerable children in the villages and the street kids who roam the streets of most towns in Zambia.

During the STC research I wish to improve on my communication skills and work with people with different background and culture and improve on decision making and mathematical skills.